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About Me

I wanted to be a lawyer, but decided the week before University started that I wanted to be an economist instead. I chose a career I thought could make a difference, starting my adult life in 2008 at the height of the Global Financial Crisis. 

Having spent the following decade studying to be an economist, I joined the University of the West Indies' Department of Economics as a lecturer and became involved in the public intellectual life of Barbados, my home country. 

After the pandemic changed all our lives, I made a choice to swap academia for policy and joined the International Monetary Fund as an economist. I will continue to put myself in the places where I think I can do the most good. 

See my full CV here.

My Journey


Economist, International Monetary Fund

Joined the competitive Economist Program, gaining experience as the fiscal economist for a challenging IMF-supported program in Suriname. Provided technical assistance in tax policy and now fiscal desk economist for Equatorial Guinea.


Lecturer in Economics, University of the West Indies

Participated in public economics discourse, giving talks, media interviews, and writing articles. Sat on boards of central bank and competition authority. Policy consultant for UNDP, UN Women, and IADB projects. Revamped courses in microeconomics and financial economics. 


Early Days

Various roles, including economist at fixed income asset manager and at central bank, and project analyst with large multinational. Key achievements include automating many processes, creating macro models for forecasting, and publishing research on tourism and tax policy. 



PhD Economics, University of Glasgow

Series of essays on corporate taxation pushing us to think about why we tax corporations.


BSc + MSc Economics, University of the West Indies

Four years of study in economics, including minor in law and a master's thesis on tax haven design.  

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